Eyewaken Eye Cream


A revitalizing eye cream that moisturizes and soothes tired eyes blended with the cooling, astringent hydrosols (waters) of organic rose and corn flower. A lightweight formula ideal for this delicate area that that can be dabbed on to avoid tugging at skin. Antioxidant-rich oils smooth fine lines, prevent free radical damage, and keep area firm and protected.

FORMULATED FOR All skin types

SMELLS LIKE Light herbal - no scent added


  • Light, smooth formula that doesn't tug at the skin when applying.
  • Soothing to tired eyes.
  • Antioxidant-rich to combat fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Reduces puffiness and dark circles.
  • Firms and protects delicate skin.

INGREDIENTS Cornflower hydrosol*, rose hydrosol*, argan oil*, grapeseed oil*, sweet almond oil*, cetearyl alcohol (wax from coconut), stearic acid, cocoa butter*, vegetable glycerin, sodium anisate (derived from fennel), sodium levulinate (derived from non-gmo corn), sodium cetearyl sulfate (from coconut), tocopherol, glyceryl caprylate. *certified organic

INSTRUCTIONS Apply a dab of cream under eyes and gently pat around eye area.

SIZE 20 ml / .68 fl. oz.

pH Balance - 5
EWG Rating - 1

✔ 100% Plant-based
✔ Vegan
✔ Cruelty free
✔ Biodegradable
✔ Safe & Non-toxic
✔ Gluten-free

✗ Parabens
✗ Formaldehyde-releasers 
✗ Petroleum
✗ Phthalates
✗ Artificial aromas or fragrances
✗ Dyes


Customer Reviews (19)


This eye cream absolutely brightened under my eyes. I swear I have to do a double take in the mirror because sometimes I don't believe it! Lola


Love the Eyewaken Eye cream it is cream that firms and moisturises without any iratation. I have Rosacea and it is hard for me to find products that gentle on my skin. Elaine Henderson

Nice product

I quite liked Eyewaken, a little goes a long way. I wish it smelled a bit better but it's a tradeoff for a more natural product like Eyewaken. I like the fact that it isn't full of chemicals. I will buy this again. Ronna

love it

Has a nice cooling feeling once applied. I can't really see any results as of yet but I am a mother of three 3 and under.

Excellent product

I bought this a couple months ago and am now on here buying it again. Very happy with it. I sometimes have to apply it a second time to get good results. I love that there's no chemicals. I just wish the bottle was bigger for the price. With shipping, it costs $42. Janet
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