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The beauty industry? meh.

Out of all the careers I’ve been interested over the years, I didn’t expect to land in the beauty industry. I mean, I’ve always been really into my skin and skin products but I would not call myself a cosmetic junkie. I usually have one small make up bag with a few items and that’s it.

When I started out with Cocoon Apothecary, I was more interested in aromatherapy because I had studied it and was fascinated with the medicinal and therapeutic properties, not to mention the pure heavenly aromas. I have gone through different stages of creativity but it wasn’t until I learned the craft of making lotions, that I really started to blossom. This, of course, led to skin care and here I am, smack dab in the beauty industry.

To be honest with you, I am overwhelmed by it all. It is a gazillion dollar industry with so many players it makes my head spin. Everyone seems to be biting and scratching their way into to it to get a piece of this humongous pie. This is so not me. I love making people’s skin look beautiful and creating the highest quality products possible. Anything beyond that is ?????

I am up against companies with HUGE marketing budgets that can pay their way into magazines, hire celebrities as spokespeople and purchase millions of dollars worth of advertising. David, meet Goliath. I cannot count the number of times that I’ve wanted to get out of it but something always sucks me back in. I received this email a couple of days ago:

“(Cocoon Apothecary) products are exceptional. I’ve gone through product after product, looking for something for my sensitive skin. I never found an appropriate skin product, and felt guilty using things I suspected tested on animals. I found this amazing set of exfoliant, cleanser, toner and cream that does wonders for both my face and conscience. Truly the best product out there that I’ve tried (and I’ve tried a multitude of average to very high-end products). I LOVE COCOON APOTHECARY!” – Deb

THIS is what propels me forward. People need my products. I can’t let them down. I know, I’m the Mother Theresa of skin care:) Thanks to everyone who continues to support me and care enough about their skin to forfeit the glitz and glamour for a little brand that could.