Our Story

2016-07-260481.jpgIt all started in the 90s when I found out that my stepfather and dog were diagnosed with the same form of cancer called lymphoma. It seemed suspicious. A dog and a human from the same household getting the same illness at the same time? This pointed to an environmental cause. My mom started investigating and uncovered the link between pesticide use with this form of cancer, in humans and in dogs. They lived in a rural area and everyone sprayed their lawns back then, including my parents! This was a big shift for me. I had never considered that synthetic chemicals could affect my health. It changed everything about what I ate and bought...well almost. I had always been a skincare "aficionado" and spent a lot of time in beauty departments as a teenager (beauty nerd much?). I was mesmerized with luxury brands and tried everything, especially when it involved a gift with purchase. I knew it was healthier to buy something at the health food store but didn't want to compromise my skin with something that wouldn't perform, even though I was jumping from brand to brand completely unsatisfied. One day, I noticed that my mom’s skin was looking amazing. She had what I now call a ‘carotene glow’ and I was surprised to learn that it was the result of a natural cream that she had started to use. I was pleasantly surprised that natural, plant-based ingredients were better performers because it went against everything I was taught by the beauty industry.  With this realization, another shift occurred in me that made me determined to spread the word. Cocoon Apothecary was born! Over the last 13 years, I have developed a line of skin care products that are full of the highest quality, unrefined ingredients to nourish, repair, and balance the epidermis. Unlike the department store creams of my past, they actually work and you can feel the difference right away. I'm obsessed with watching people's skin transform into its very best and there is no need to look further than the plant realm to accomplish this.

- Jessica

Who We Are

2016-07-260609.jpgJessica Burman Zinger has a background in microbiology, aromatherapy (certification with the Canadian Federation of Aromatherapy), and esthetics. She has a passion for plants and loves reading about how and why they are beneficial to our skin. She is a mom to 2, animal lover, tree hugger, traveller, and joie de vivre chaser.




Lane Burman, is a trained chef with a background in manufacturing and human resources management. He is a dad to 2, builder of things, fantastic cook, meteorology hobbyist (ask him about the weather), and a great community volunteer.