Malechemy Bearding Gift Set


Keep beards smooth, shiny, and coiffed with our two most popular beard oils paired with a Malechemy wooden beard comb. Our beard oils are a blend of skin and hair-healthy plant oils with natural fragrance essential oils. Comes in Malechemy travel bag.

Muskoka Beard Oil: Serene essential oils of Canadian fir balsam, black spruce, cedarwood, and juniper that are like a breath of fresh forest air.

Ingredients: Hemp oil*, argan oil*, broccoli seed oil*, fir balsam essential oil, black spruce essential oil*, white cedar essential oil*, juniper essential oil*, red cedar essential oil, tocopherol.

*certified organic

Bay Rum Beard Oil: Based on the spicy essential oil of the West Indian Bay Tree, fresh citrus notes of bergamot, and sweet essence of clove, it is the main scent of the early barbershop aftershave and the inspiration behind many colognes that exist today.

Ingredients: Hemp oil*, argan oil*, broccoli seed oil*, bay rum essential oil, bergamot essential oil, clove essential oil*.


- Maintains shiny, manageable texture for beards
- Keeps beard styled and tidy
- Moisturizes the skin beneath preventing beardruff
- Naturally fragranced with purifying essential oils

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