Jade Roller and Rosehip Oil Gift Set


This set includes our nourishing Rosehip Oil paired with a jade roller to enhance application deep into the layers of skin. Comes in a Cocoon Apothecary travel bag.

Organic Rosehip Oil Moisturizing Serum - A pure, cold-pressed oil from rose seeds that is high in carotenes, vitamin A, and essential fatty acids to protect and restore skin. This rejuvenating oil can be applied as a night serum or daily moisturizer.

Jade Roller - A hand-held facial massage tool that reduces puffiness, increases blood circulation, and helps serums absorb into skin. Jade stone provides a smooth cold surface to glide roller back and forth over every area of the face and neck. It has two heads, a large one to cover the main areas of the face and a small one to use on the eye area. The under eye roller reduces puffiness by helping to remove excess liquid and constricting blood vessels. Keep in fridge between use or put in freezer for a few minutes before use for extra cooling power.


- Reduces puffiness
- Restorative and rejuvenating 
- Improves blood circulation
- Calming and soothing

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