Clove Stem Oil

EXTRACTION: Steam distillation

COUNTRY: Sri Lanka

DESCRIPTION: Nestled in the Maluku Islands in Indonesia are the Syzygium aromaticum trees, which are tall evergreens with large leaves and crimson flowers.  These trees are native to this area, however are widespread across Bangladesh, Indonesia, India, Madagascar, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Tanzania.  Clove stem oil is said to have a woodier aroma than clove bud oil.  This oil has many uses, both culinary and medicinally. Cloves are used in traditional Indian Ayurvedic medicine, Chinese medicine, and herbalism.  They hold important use in modern day medicine as well, as they are often used in dental emergencies as pain killers.  Clove oil is also quite high in manganese as well as potassium, magnesium and calcium.  These elements have been proven to treat multiple conditions such as osteoporosis, anemia and premenstrual syndrome. Clove oil is comprised primarily of Eugenol, a compound that is responsible for giving cloves their distinct aroma as well as antiseptic and anesthetic properties.

Anti-inflammatory and antibacterial
Anti-fungal and antibiotic 
Eliminates acne and reduces redness
Improves blood circulation in skin 
Rejuvenating, revitalizing and stimulating

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