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Why I Love Writing About Botanics in Skin Care

I love researching and writing about why botanical ingredients are amazing on skin. There are a couple reasons why this interests me. First, the most obvious reason is that I own and formulate a natural skin care line so it's my job to know exactly what is going to perform the best on your skin. My other reason is to uncover the mysteries of why natural products make people's skin look so much better than their chemical drug store counterparts. It was one of the biggest discoveries in my life because it became the main reason behind me creating Cocoon Apothecary. Unfortunately, despite the natural skin industry's best efforts, we still haven't got the word out and petrochemicals prevail. I don't know where the disconnect is but I do know that the main conglomerates that run this industry are very powerful and their message is LOUD. It says, "Look at this NEW ingredient that will make you look years younger. It's clinically proven to give you DRAMATIC results." But the thing is that it doesn't. Women's skin doesn't look any better than it did during the last miracle ingredient media blitz. In fact, I believe all these petroleum-based synthetics cause inflammation and prematurely age many people's faces. I am frustrated by how much the industry is failing people that just want clear, firm, healthy skin. They put their profits and bottom line before performance and their products are polluting people's bodies, and our planet (water, air, soil). There is no other way for me to combat this injustice except to keep formulating healthy skin care that makes my customers look amazing and to write about benefits so it's not just about doing the right thing for your health and planet but it's also about looking GREAT. So, I'm writing a book that gets into the nitty gritty details of botanicals on the skin. I'm determined to convince as many people as possible that this is the ONLY way to maintain beautiful skin for a life time.

p.s. I'll be sharing quite a bit of content on this blog so stay tuned for my first entries on fatty acids.