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The Formulating of Eyewaken Eye Cream

This morning I woke up feeling really tight around the eyes because the heat is now on in the house and zapping hydration from my skin. I get paranoid about this area of my face because it’s often the first area to develop wrinkles (can’t happen!). 

Our skin is very delicate around the eyes, it is thin and prone to all kinds of issues – dark circles, puffiness, fine lines and milia. I wanted an eye cream to target all of these undesirables. Like always, I wanted to develop the dream eye cream. This took a long time. I went through quite a few formulas, tried gels and creams with all sorts of consistencies and ingredients. After 5 years of research and formulating, I came up with Eyewaken. 

I started with the oils, the most important part of any skin moisturizer. I wanted something really anti-aging but light on the skin which led me to organic argan and grapeseed oils, both high in essential fatty acids, vitamin E, and polyphenols. Cocoa butter was also added to support skin’s firmness and elasticity i.e. prevent droopiness. Almond oil was added for dark circles because it has schlerosant properties, the ability to stimulate movement of blood beneath the skin. Schlerosants are injected to treat varicose veins. I also added two eye-friendly, astringent hydrosols, cornflower and rose, to combat puffiness and refresh the area. 

What I didn’t add was essential oils because I feel they are too harsh for this area. And voila, an eye cream that has it all. It instantly awakens, refreshes and hydrates your eyes, changing the appearance of tired puffy eyes. Over time, the dark circles will lighten and the wrinkles and droopiness will stay away. It’s also got a fabulous price of $20. You can buy it here www.cocoonapothecary.com.