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My Visit to Cedar Row Farm Sanctuary

This past Saturday, I had the pleasure of visiting the Cedar Row Farm Sanctuary, located outside of Stratford, Ontario, for an open house that offered vegan baked goods, bbq, craft vendors and a raffle (Cocoon Apothecary products included). I had met one of the owners, Siobhan Poole, at the most recent Toronto Vegetarian Food Fair where she had a table to raise awareness about the farm. She is so lovely and down to earth and we were greeted by her as soon as we arrived.

A farm sanctuary is a place for animals to go where they will be safe from being treated like objects/commodities. They are acknowledged for being what they are – living, feeling creatures just like the dogs and cats that we cherish so much. They are safe from having their beaks cut off, being castrated without anesthetic, being impregnated only to have their babies taken away, and ending up in the cruel slaughterhouse. They are free to roam and graze and spread their wings.

I met some beautiful creatures – majestic chickens, two sweet cows (one of which was found in below freezing temperatures running down the side of a country road as a calf), friendly and curious goats, lovely sheep, and adorable pigs that ran in delight when they were called to eat. One of the pigs (a baby) was recently found on hwy 401 after falling off a transport truck. You can read more about him in their blog.

Some of the newest residents are hens that just arrived from an egg farm where they have been stuck in dirty battery cages, unable to move or spread their wings. Cedar Row has been taking these sad little girls (called ‘spent hens’ because they no longer produce enough eggs) from the farm for 4 years now. They were the lucky ones of 28,000 that were shipped off to the slaughterhouse this year. These chickens were cowering in the corner of the barn together – frightened, traumatized and missing most of their feathers. Living proof of the widespread mistreatment of birds for the sake of producing eggs for the most profit. Consider this the next time you have an omelette.

You can support this wonderful farm by donating money or your time as a volunteer. For more information, visit their website at http://cedarrow.org.

Thank you Cedar Row for everything you do!