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Make your own lip balm!

I get obsessed with keeping my lips moisturized this time of year and I buy lip balm basically every time I see one. I’m never really satisfied but I recently bought one that was terrible. It was a natural formula with SPF. I didn’t read the ingredients before purchasing but they put a bunch of chemical sunscreens in it and it made my lips dryer than ever! This angered me so I had to come home and make my own lip balm. 

I was lucky enough to have scored a big block of beeswax at a co-op so I melted some rosehip oil with it in a 1:4 ratio (one part beeswax, 4 parts oil by weight) and added some essential oils, a ‘chai’ blend – ginger, clove and cinnamon. I encourage you to buy beeswax next time you are at a farmer’s market and make your own balms with a good quality oil such as olive, coconut or grape seed . It’s so easy to do. Just melt it in a double boiler on your stove and play with the amounts to make the consistency that you want. To test it, drop a bit on a counter and allow it to cool for a minute. You can also add lavender to make a healing salve for really dry areas, irritated skin and cuticles. My lips feel amazing today!