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Introducing MALEchemy, Cocoon Apothecary's Game-changing Products for Shaving, Bearding and Grooming

Cocoon Apothecary is pleased to introduce our new line of man-in-mind skin care products designed by our very own man, Lane Burman. The MALEchemy line embraces men’s skin care needs, wants, and habits. It also occurred to us that the average male may not appreciate smelling like a rose. Or having flowers all over the packaging of the products lining their bathroom counter.

Cleanse – Tea Tree + Aloe
This gentle-foaming gel facial cleanser abolishes grime to lessen breakouts thanks to witch hazel and tee tree oil, and combats the redness of irritated or sensitive skin with aloe vera. Safe for all skin types, this herbal-scented cleanser washes off easily so it won’t cause an unsightly buildup of product in the facial hair you may sport.

Moisturize – Juniper + Hemp
Suitable for all skin types, this facial moisturizer soothes skin and calms redness with aloe vera, and fights the signs of aging with antioxidant-rich argan oil and the fatty acids of hemp oil. Imagine you’re at the cabin every day when you incorporate this mildly woodsy-scented cream into your skin care routine.

Pomade – Bay Rum
A thick wax made entirely of vegan, eco-friendly, and natural ingredients gives short hair firm hold and sleek shine. Coconut oil nourishes the hair, castor wax adds a polished finish and candelilla wax keeps hair in place. Ideal for both the no-fuss and the exquisitely-styled coif. Bay rum, clove and bergamot essential oils blend for a sexy spicy scent. 

Shave – Fir Balsam + Clove
Shaving never felt this good. Our shaving cream generates a gentle foam that lets blades stay sharp and glide close to the skin without clogging. Coconut oil provides that smooth glide while cucumber and aloe vera calm skin and sooth irritations. Lather directly onto the skin or go for the maximum foam experience with a shave brush. Fir balsam and clove oils provide a spicy, woodsy scent to your shaving experience.

Aftershave – Bay Rum
Treat your skin to our soothing aftershave to reduce irritation and prepare for moisturizer. Tea tree hydrosol is antiseptic, witch hazel is a gentle astringent, and aloe vera calms inflammation. The essential oils of bay rum and clove provide a piratey scent experience reminiscent of The West Indies. 

Beard Oils
Beard oil conditions the beard and moisturizes the skin below. Our blend of organic hemp and argan oils softens and add shine to your facial hair, and provides an antioxidant- and fatty-acid-rich boost to keep your skin from drying out or becoming irritated. We have 4 beard oil scent experiences:

Muskoka caters to the nature-lovers. The essential oils of Canadian black spruce, fir balsam, cedar and juniper combine for a pungent woodsy scent that will make you think fondly of the forest even in the most urban concrete jungle.
Humidor blends the essential oils of the barely-sweet tobacco flower, cedarwood and vanilla in a way that reminds us of the heady smells that emanate from a cedar-lined box of fine cigars.
Bay Rum is a classic scent from the West Indies that has been used in aftershaves by barbers and perfumeries in colognes for centuries. We combine it with bergamot and clove essential oils for an indulgent, intoxicating aroma.
Übermint is our über-fresh mix of mint, ravensara and clove essential oils that will energize you on even the dreariest of Monday mornings. 

And just in time for the holidays, we have the MALEchemy Skin Care Box and theMALEchemy Groom Box for all of your gifting needs.

MALEchemy has been a long time in the making, and we’re thrilled to share it with you. We love to hear from you so please send us your feedback and reviews.