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How Healthy is Your Skin?

When I’m out, I study people’s skin – not in a judgmental manner but in more of a “what can I do to help?” kinda way. I have to admit that I see a lot of bad skin out there – acne and premature aging everywhere. This really isn’t necessary because we have the knowledge, tool and products to control these conditions.

The three biggest infractions against skin health are:

TANNING BEDS – Might seem obvious to some but with the rise in popularity of the Jersey Shore, I think people need to be reminded. It looks unnatural and screams ‘I have sun damage!’. You will age prematurely with fine lines and leathery skin.

CIGARETTES – I know most people don’t smoke but for those who do – beware – you will likely develop droopy skin because it breaks down elasticity. This is not a good look.

BAD SKIN PRODUCTS. There are so many people with acne it makes me wonder how the gazillion dollar skin care industry could be failing so many people. It is caused by the over production of sebum, an internal thing that can be treated externally. You need the right cleanser, toner, exfoliant and light moisturizer. You also need to ditch the make-up. It is a vicious cycle of the make-up creating zits and wearing the make-up to cover up the zits. My philosophy is that if you are using the right skin care, you don’t need cover up or foundation. It doesn’t make sense that the same companies that are creating “miracle” skin care products also want to sell you foundation….?????? Put your skin on a make up and bad petroleum product detox and get the skin you’ve always wanted – low maintenance and stunning.

I think people are going to the wrong places for help. Everyone has different skin so it is best to get samples of products first and try them out instead of spending a fortune on stuff you can’t use. This is especially important for those with sensitive or problem skin. Don’t trust that because it is in fancy packaging with a high price tag that it is going to do anything for your skin. Chemicals should only be added to formulas when it is absolutely necessary and not as cheap filler. Read your labels and make sure that the majority of the ingredients are botanical rather than synthetic petroleum-derived.

p.s. Cocoon Apothecary samples will be available online next month