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How Essential Oils Affect Your Mental and Emotional Health

I hear so many customers tell me that they can’t wait to put our products on everyday because they love the experience. I know this has something to do with how great it feels on the skin but mostly, I credit the essential oils contained in our skin care for the good vibes. They are emotional tonics that can make you feel happy, relaxed and grounded. The way this works is that your sense of smell creates neurons that move along the olfactory nerve and end in your central nervous system. From there, it is processed in different areas responsible for memory, decision-making, sleep, anxiety and emotional reactions. When you smell essential oils, which are the essences of plants, you are taking in the psychologically therapeutic properties. The difference between smelling essential oils and smelling a synthetic fragrance with similar notes is that you are inhaling something medicinal rather than inert/toxic.

Being in nature creates feelings of well-being that are associated with many sensory experiences, with smell being a huge part of it. Aromatherapy is a way of connecting to the plant realm without even leaving the house. So slather and lather on those Cocoon Apothecary products and remember to take deep inhales while you’re doing it.