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Household Staples – Lavender and Tea Tree Oil

There are two essentials oils that I recommend that every household should have – tea tree and lavender.

Tea tree is an amazing anti-fungal, better than many pharmaceutical versions. It will get rid of rashes such as tinea and will annihilate athlete’s foot which makes it an ideal oil to clean the bathroom with. It has superhero antibacterial power and can be added to products to combat acne.

Lavender oil can be used on anything to do with the skin and healing – rashes, burns, cuts (not open), insect bites, scratches and scrapes. It is antibacterial as well and allows for the skin to heal quickly. It is great to drop on your pillow to help calm the mind in order to sleep (it will not stain because it is not a fatty oil).

Any other suggestions for these multipurpose essential oils?