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Formaldehydes – just say no

Did you hear about the Brazilian Hair Straightener/Blow Outs? They made people’s hair fall out (including Mary Louise Parker), made people sick and even killed one women in Brazil (she died of asphyxiation while doing it herself). The culprit – formaldehyde. Health Canada claims that this treatment tested 6000% the levels permitted by law. Yikes.

This is an extremely harmful substance that is still very prevalent in the cosmetic industry in the form of formaldehyde releasers. They slowly release formaldehyde into the product in order to preserve it. This substance is highly carcinogenic so take care to eliminate it from your life. Look for the following ingredients on you cosmetic/personal care labels:

diazolidinyl urea

imidazolidinyl urea

DMDM hydantoin



sodium hydroxylmethylglycinate