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Earth Day 2011 – Rethinking Renewables (STILL?)

“Our real identity is that we are both biological organism and biosphere constantly recycling and evolving” – Deepak Chopra

In the past year, the planet has experienced two perilous events connected to our energy industries – the Gulf of Mexico oil spill and the partial meltdown at the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant. It has begged us to consider what we are doing to this planet. We are allowing big business and government policies to destroy our eco-systems. Take the tar sands operation in Alberta for example, it has poisoned the Athabasca River, made farmland into wasteland and has been clear cutting our precious Boreal Forest and will continue to do so. It also creates higher incidences of cancer and autoimmune disorders in the First Nations communities in the region. For what? Oil that mostly goes to the US through a pipeline. It’s ludicrous.

This year Canada is investing $145 million into green energy. Sounds great until you compare it to the $1.4 billion that the oil and gas industry receives, with the majority of it going to the tar sands developments. This does not make sense! I urge Canadians to look at who they are electing May 2 and consider their policies on preserving our country. Environmentalism should not be politicized – we all live here and we all need clean air, water and soil to survive.

On a brighter note, there is a positive side. When I drive through the countryside, I see solar panels and windmills popping up everywhere. It is encouraging to think that these industries will continue to grow and innovate and perhaps become a big part of our sustainable future. The solar industry is experiencing a reported 40% annually while wind is close behind with 30%. Let’s make this year about demanding clean energy alternatives. The world can no longer be enslaved to destructive industries that will surely be our demise.