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Colin Firth Reluctantly Accepts Green Award

This past weekend, I attended the Green Living Show in Toronto where I had the privilege of watching Colin Firth accept an award from the Environmental Media Association (EMA) for his work in creating innovative solutions for a green economy. He accepted this award along with his brother-in-law Nicola Guiggiollo for their partnership in creating the environmental store Eco Age, located in London, England. The award was presented by actress Amy Smart, a long-time EMA member, and EMA president Debbie Levin.

The award presentation was followed by a very interesting panel discussion where audience members where able to ask questions. Colin made it very clear that he did not feel that he deserved the award, that he was just doing what he felt was absolutely necessary in these perilous times. He also expressed that he didn’t feel that celebrities should have the power to influence people as much as they do but unfortunately this is the case and there is a certain amount of responsibility attached to being famous. I couldn’t agree more. I get so annoyed by celebrities that wear fur, model for toxic, bunny-testing cosmetic companies and “create” poisonous perfumes. Colin believes that musicians have even more of an impact than actors with stadiums full of people willing to listen. Case in point, Chris Martin of Coldplay and his anti-poverty campaign. Politicians shudder at the thought of this.

A question was asked about the overuse of packaging. Colin’s answer was simple, don’t buy it. Another question was asked about how “good” an eco-store can be when consumerism should be avoided altogether. Nicola’s answer was that we can’t expect the world to just stop and buy nothing. The world is able to sustain and regenerate a certain amount of resources if the products are made responsibly. Apparently Eco Age sells a paint that is so safe, you can drink it.

It was wonderful to witness such influential people taking a stance towards the betterment of this planet. Kudos!