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Clay: The Ultimate Detox for Your Skin

Why Clay is Amazing on Your Skin

Happy spring! It’s my favorite time of year. After hunkering down under blankets in hibernation mode for 3 months, it feels almost too blissful to be outside, feeling the sun on our skin, getting vitamin D (finally) and watching precious little buds blossom into flowers. With every seasonal shift, our bodies and attitudes seems to change too, especially when it comes to exercise, food choices, and skin care. It’s a great time to reset everything. I can think of no better way for your skin than a good clay mask.

Clay, which is mostly made up of hydrous aluminium silicates, has been used as medicine by humans and animals forever because it is inherently detoxifying. I could just say that it has these abilities because it’s magical but I know there are a few of you that will not accept this so here is a more scientific explanation brought to you by the author of “The Healing Clay”, Michel Abehsera, “Clay has a negative electrical attraction for particles that are positively charged. In the organism most of the toxic poisons are positively charged. These toxins are irresistibly drawn towards the clay”. This includes heavy metals such as lead and mercury that can exist in our skin in nano-particle form created by vehicle exhaust. Clay is a living, active substance that draws all the toxins out of our skin and explains why it looks so fresh and revitalized after a mask. It’s the deepest cleaning you can get. It also tightens pores, exfoliates, increases circulation, and stimulates skin’s defense systems. Clay is a great absorbent and will draw excess oil and sebum out and is also acts as an odor eater, which is why it’s a common ingredient in deodorants. It contains nourishing trace minerals such as silica, magnesium, calcium, sodium, potassium, manganese and many others (up to 75).

For an intense skin detox, look no further than our Ancient Mud Facial Mask made with Dead Sea Mud and Canadian glacial clay. It’s an intense, high-performing detox treatment for you skin and you will get immediate results.