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Before you go on that tropical vacation…

Quite a few of us are escaping to a tropical locations this winter so I want to warn you about something someone just wrote me about. I was told that a woman severely damaged her skin when she was in Mexico by getting lime juice on her hands and by using an eye cream that contained a citrus essential oil. Photosensitivity occurs when certain components react on your sun-exposed skin and cause it to be extra sensitive to the rays. It can cause severe burn damage that will take months to repair. Be careful with limes and lemons AND when you are buying lotions, creams, oil, gels etc make sure they don’t contain any citrus oils – orange, bergamot, grapefruit, lemon, lime etc. Anything with a peel. I personally don’t formulate with citrus essential oils exactly for this reason but I know quite a few companies that do so beware.