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Ban The Beads

What a way to start Earth Month. In exciting, hopeful news…Canada is coming very close to banning plastic microbeads from personal care products. These beads found in facial washes, scrubs and toothpastes have been located in samples from all of our Great Lakes because they are washed down our drains and make their way into our water systems. The plastic pollutants do not break down so they will continue to build up in our oceans, lakes and wildlife unless… we do something about it. Similar bans have been put in place in Illinois and New Jersey but we will be the first country to do it if we pass the bill recently introduced to the House of Commons by the NDP.

Until then, you can ban the beads from your bathroom. Look for the words ‘microbeads’ on labels as well as “polyethylene” and “polypropylene” in the ingredients list. There’s also an app that will scan barcodes and let you know if the product contains them at Beat The Microbead. There are eco-friendly alternatives that are made from rice, sunflower, bamboo or jojoba, which we have been using since 2008!

We had already scheduled our Petal Purity Exfoliating Facial Cleanser promotion to honour Earth Month so this perfect timing to put this water-safe product on sale.