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Animal Testing – The Ugly Side of the Beauty Industry

My 3 year old daughter sprayed some perfume into her eye the other day and screamed in pain for at least 5 minutes. This reminded me of all the animals that have to endure this pain x100 in the name of beauty.

I’ve seen the photos of cosmetic animal testing. Rabbits lined up in contraptions that hold their necks so they can’t break away while they have harmful chemicals dropped into their eyes. They scream in pain and writhe so strongly that some of them break their neck or backs trying to flee. Rabbits are a favorite for eye testing because they don’t have the physiology to flush out the chemicals.

Another very common form of cosmetic testing is called the LD50 (abbreviation for “Lethal Dose, 50%”) where a group of animals (100+) are exposed to a substance until 50% die.

L’Oreal is the worst offender because not only do they still test on animals prolifically but they also fought legislation to ban animal testing in Europe. They lost. The European Union has banned animal testing as of 2009.

If you’re against this frivolous use of animals, please vote with your dollar and refrain buying products from the companies that test. See full list here.