Spotbuster Natural Blemish Treatment

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A natural solution for blemishes that combines the antiseptic, astringent properties of witch hazel hydrosol with the healing, anti-inflammatory powers of aloe vera juice. The organic essential oils of lavender and tea tree are added to fight bacteria and promote speedy, uncomplicated healing. Use as needed.



  • Astringent - helps dry out area.
  • Keeps area clean and bacteria-free.
  • Soothes inflamed skin.


Certified organic witch hazel hydrosol, certified organic aloe vera gel juice, certified organic tea tree essential oil, certified organic lavender essential oil.


Use as needed directly on blemishes. Shake well before use.


9 ML = .6 FL OZ

no parabens
no formaldehyde-releasers
no sodium lauryl or laureth sulfate
no artificial aromas, fragrances or dyes
no phthalates
no quaternium
no BHA or BHT
no propylene glycol
no petrolatum

Customer Reviews (7)

Really works!

Posted by S.J. on 2nd Feb 2014
Very effective, easy to apply, no mess, great product! Worked even on my severe adult cystic acne. I wish I had this product years ago!

Really Effective Blemish Treatment - Super product.

Posted by Tina C. on 8th Sep 2013
Although I don't often get blemishes, any time I do, I want them gone IMMEDIATELY. I have tried many other products and this one actually worked. No joke, within a couple of days - my blemish was gone - no redness, no raised irritated skin. The fact that it's natural is a major bonus.

awesome product-

Posted by meghan on 20th Jan 2013
awesome product- it is soothing and healing and not smelly and stinging like many other spot treatments. my only wish is that it came in a bigger size because the tube seems to fall out of my vanity/get knocked over/ etc and the lid has broken a couple times. still awesome product i just need to clean out my vanity i suppose-- but its chalk full of cocoon product!! :-D


Posted by Holistic Nutrition on 21st Oct 2012
This is a GREAT product, the staff and customers love it!Im thrilled someone has finally come up with a natural blemish treatment that works! Thanks!

Delicate packaging

Chose a 5 star option, since I'm sure it's actually just as wonderful as the other Cocoon products. Was looking forward to trying it, but never got to. The glass container fell out of the parcel as soon as I opened it, and shattered on the floor. Not Cocoon's fault, obviously. But, it made me wish that it was perhaps in a less fragile container.

Great spot treatment

Posted by Haley on 17th Jul 2012
I noticed a difference after only using the spot treatment for a few days. It is a great product. I like to use it after the gym, after cleansing, just to zap any bacteria. I have fewer blemishes and my face seems more balanced overall. I love this product.

Best all-natural zit zapper!

Posted by Catherine on 3rd Jul 2012
I've been using over the counter acne remedies for years, most of which burnt my skin and failed to clear up blemishes. The Spotbuster Blemish Treatment quickly clears up my occasional acne and provides no irritation. It works better than any medicated product out there and the best thing is that it's all natural. I swear by this product!
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