Skin Care Starter Kit

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Our Skin Care Starter Kit contains travel size (20 ml) bottles of our cleanser, toner and cream for normal to dry skin and comes in a 99% post-consumer box.


Petal Purity Facial Cleanser

A 100% plant-based cream cleanser that removes oils, dirt and make-up without stripping skin of essential hydration. A gentle formula containing the purifying extracts of organic lavender and geranium to keep skin cleansed and balanced. The organic oils of virgin coconut and sweet almond help to remove pollutants leaving skin dewy-fresh and tingly-clean. Great for all skin types including sensitive.

INGREDIENTS Purified water, certified organic sweet almond oil, certified organic virgin coconut oil, cetearyl alcohol (wax from coconut), stearic acid (plant-based), vegetable glycerin, certified organic geranium essential oil, certified organic lavender essential oil, sodium anisate (derived from basil), sodium levulinate (derived from corn), sodium cetearyl sulfate (from coconut), rosemary leaf extract.

INSTRUCTIONS Apply to dry or damp skin and massage in circular motion to entire face. Remove with cotton ball or water.


Rose Dew Facial Toner

A 100% organic, alcohol-free toner that delivers powerful antioxidants and astringents to tighten up pores and prepare skin for moisturizing. Certified organic rose hydrosol (water) creates a purifying formula used for centuries as a beauty tonic. Delivers botanical hydration to skin before it gets locked in by a moisturizer. Can also be used with a cotton ball to lightly clean face or remove excess debris after cleansing. Use morning and evening after cleansing and before moisturizing. Great for normal, dry and sensitive skin types.

INGREDIENTS Certified organic rose hydrosol

INSTRUCTIONS Spritz on clean, dry skin and allow to dry OR spritz on cotton ball and apply to entire face.


Rosey Cheeks Facial Cream

A 100% plant-based facial cream that harnesses the therapeutic power of nature to soften, nourish, and rejuvenate skin. Made with organic oils carefully chosen for their extraordinary ability to keep skin smooth, firm and glowy. Organic rosehip oil, pressed from the seeds of the rose bush, is known for its ability to regenerate skin, minimizing fine lines, scars and reversing sun damage. Avocado penetrates deep into the layers of the skin to smooth and soften its appearance. Organic camellia oil, extracted from the tea plant, contains antioxidant polyphenols to fight free radical damage and inflammation. Organic shea butter softens and protects skin, locking in moisture to keep skin plumped up and hydrated. The pure essential oil of rose, extracted from the petals of the flower, creates a beautiful scent that delivers skin-firming antioxidants. Vegan, non-toxic and biodegradable in an eco-friendly glass bottle.

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Amazing Product

Posted by on 27th Oct 2015
I purchased this starter kit upon recommendation from a friend who uses them. I AM IN LOVE!! My skin is sensitive and I have trouble using a lot of products, and have just been bouncing from product to product from the drugstore. Now that I have found Cocoon my skin has never looked / felt better - natural beauty is the way to go! I loved it so much I ordered the bigger sizes!! Thank you !!

great way to experience the beauty and quality of product

Awesome product to experience its quality and beauty


Posted by Kim Schouveller on 8th May 2015
I ordered these products to sample as I try to convert my cosmetic drawer to all natural products. I have very sensitive skin that seems to react with just about anything. I have not had any problem in fact my skin looks and feels the best that it ever has. The facial cleanser smells amazing. It does take a bit to get use to as it does not foam up like traditional soap. This is unlike the cleansers that I have ben used to that strip all the oil and moisture from my face. This cleaners does not do that, but does leave your face feeling clean and well hydrated. My favorite is the facial cream. It is thick and creamy goes on and soaks right in leaving your face soft and supple. This is not oily or greasy. These products have won me over, can't wait to try what else they have available.

Love The Convenience

Posted by Jayne on 8th Jan 2014
I use the Rosey Cheeks facial cream in the starter kit and purchased the kits for myself and daughters for travelling convenience. I also use the Argan and Rose Hip oils and I do not have the awful winter dryness I used to experience. I love the purity of the products.

First time product user

Posted by Carolyn on 2nd Nov 2013
My skin has responded well to the products and feels more supple and moist - I love how it feels. I have sensitive Roseacea-like skin and I've had no reaction. I just find the Rose smell strong. Not my favourite scent, but I am fine overall with it.

Great Local Product

Posted by Marianne on 30th Nov 2012
I bought this starter kit to see how I liked the product before purchasing the bigger bottles and all I have to say is AMAZING! After the first wash, my face felt so smooth and clean and didn't have the "tightness" feeling I normally got from my last products. The next day at work, I also noticed my skin did not have a shine or oily feel to it like it normally does by mid afternoon, I was amazed! I bought this starter kit for my 34 year old sister who has severe acne and NO it did not clear up her skin overnight but she also noticed a difference in the texture of her skin. Hopefully she'll continue to see a difference and hopefully get rid of the scars that acne has left on her skin or atleast prevent further damage.

What a great idea

Posted by Liz from Ottawa on 12th Nov 2012
I use these producta and what a great idea for the size great for travelling and the pumps are so handy also .
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