Rosey Cheeks Facial Cream

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A nourishing, anti-aging facial cream that harnesses the therapeutic power of nature to soften, nourish, and rejuvenate skin. Made with organic oils carefully chosen for their extraordinary ability to keep skin smooth, firm and glowy. Organic rosehip oil, pressed from the seeds of the rose bush, is full of bioactives that regenerate skin, minimize fine lines, and reverse sun damage. Avocado penetrates deep into the layers of the skin to smooth and soften its appearance. Organic camellia oil, extracted from the tea plant, contains antioxidant polyphenols to fight free radical damage and inflammation. Organic shea butter softens and protects skin, locking in moisture to keep skin plumped up and hydrated. The pure essential oil of rose, extracted from the petals of the flower, creates a beautiful scent that delivers skin-firming antioxidants.

FOR Normal, dry, combination, mature, or sensitive (rosacea-prone) skin types.



  • Rich, non-greasy formula that maintains hydration for the entire day.
  • Rejuvenates damaged skin and soothes inflammation. 
  • Full of natural actives that fight the signs of aging.


Purified water, certified organic rosehip oil, certified organic avocado oil, certified organic camellia (green tea) oil, certified organic shea butter, cetearyl alcohol (wax from coconut), stearic acid (plant-based), vegetable glycerin, sodium anisate (derived from basil), sodium levulinate (derived from non-GMO corn), rose absolute, sodium cetearyl sulfate (from coconut), tocopherol, glyceryl caprylate.


Apply to face, neck and chest every morning or evening.


100 ml = 3.3 fl. oz

no parabens
no formaldehyde-releasers
no sodium lauryl or laureth sulfate
no artificial aromas, fragrances or dyes
no phthalates
no quaternium
no BHA or BHT
no propylene glycol
no petrolatum

Customer Reviews (30)


Best find in this world. Amazing products and its Canadian

Love the product

Posted by Sandra Featherstone on 7th Apr 2016
I bought this product as a gift for one of my friends. She says her face is softer than ever before. She is totally in love with it. And we love the scent!

excellent product for sensitive dry skin

Posted by Rhonda on 6th Apr 2016
I buy this cream every winter. There isn't a better product out there for sensitive dry skin. I love the smell too.

Holy grail product

This was the first product I tried from CA and it certainly won't be my last! Rosey cheeks hydrates beautifully without any irritation and leaves you with soothed, glowing skin. My mom has extremely sensitive skin and has had psoriasis all her life, recently it spread to her face so when she was in to see a Dr he suggested she try some medicated creams to help clear things up. She gave it a go and it made everything 10 times worse, her skin was a red, irritated, flakey mess. Since I was so thrilled with RC's performance I told her to try using it morning and night for the week to see if it could help... A couple days later the redness has gone down and the flakey-ness is gone. Needless to say CA has gained two new fans, thanks for the beautiful product!

Neutral and Natural!

Posted by Diana on 18th Sep 2015
I have combination, acne-prone skin. This neutral product doesn't upset the ph balance of my skin and provides just the right amount of moisture ! Plus it smells divine ! Best bang for your buck... Would keep shopping on cocoon over the fake "natural" products at sephora that cost double!

Good for Sensitive Skin

I am an avid Lush fan and love their products but decided to try Cocoon Apothecary out. I bought this facial lotion and it is GREAT for sensitive skin. I have to use very gentle cleansers and lotions and this definitely does the job. It is a thicker lotion so what I do is rub it in my palm and then put a little bit all over my face like a makeup foundation and rub it in gently (it is thick so don't rub to harsh or it feels like you are pulling your skin).

simply amazing

Posted by Erin on 13th Aug 2015
love this product! I have switched often between products due to allergies. Cocoon Apothecary's products I am happy to say are the ones I have stuck with the longest - Not to mention the customer service of all the staff I have spoken to is incredible. Definitely recommend ANY of the products :)

Supper great for really dry skin

Posted by Rhonda C on 6th Mar 2015
Dry skin and red inflamed bumps are gone. I've been using Rosy Cheeks for 3 winters now because nothing else works as well. I have 2 daughters who sneak into the cabinet where my Rosy Cheeks is kept to get a couple of pumps to ease their dry face skin too. Love the smell. I would highly recommend this product.

Love it!

I've used this cream for a few years now and have had wonderful results. Love it!

Great product

Posted by Andrea on 20th Feb 2015
A nice thicker lotion that has worked really well with my sensitive skin.

smells amazing, works well

Great for my dry skin, works better than anything else i have tried.

Feels and smells fantastic!

I stopped using commercial moisturizers a few years ago, because no matter how "natural" they were they always made me break out. Now I just use the oil cleansing method for my face and that usually leaves my skin soften enough. But in the cold, dry winter weather, I sometimes need a little extra. Rosey Cheeks is great. Is smells beautiful and the consistency is creamy, not oily, and it absorbs nicely. It leaves my skin super soft and no breakouts or stinging. Totally love it!

Love it!

Posted by lives in USA on 9th May 2014
I am highly allergic to most products. This one works great on my skin. My daughter uses it too. We do not want use products that have bad chemicals. This is rated a "0" (best score) on Skin Deep. My skin stays moisturized all day and looks great! I do not use makeup and my skin looks beautiful. I have dry sensitive skin and this product is just perfect.

My beautiful skin has returned!

Posted by Adee on 1st May 2014
I always had nice skin, never even wore make up. Six years ago that changed and suddenly I was battling rosacea, so upsetting to see your once calm skin, red, bumpy and sore. Now... I've had cancer so I know this is not life changing...however..the face is the first thing people see and having a red, bumpy just depressing! I tried the Dermatologist and cortisone made my skin worse, taking antibiotics, was not an option for me. I found Cocoon Apothecary and have been using the entire line, for dry normal skin for more than a year now and the difference is truly amazing! Rosey Cheeks calms my skin, gives it a lovely glow and it feels moisturized for the entire day. I see the difference, as my skin continues to improve. Thank you Cocoon Apothecary, you have a customer for life. :)

Senior's opinion

Posted by Gwynneth on 16th Feb 2014
All my life I've been searching for good skin care products, using the latest recommendations from PChoice and so forth, but Rosy Cheeks is so delicious, I can't imagine not applying it every morning and evening. I almost want to eat it! Thanks for making this along with the cleanser and toner. First time I've been able to put any cream or lotion anywhere near the eyes. First rate skin care system. A few senior wrinkles but the skin is a-glow - it's never too late to feel beautiful.

Face cream that loves you back.....

Posted by Christine on 11th Feb 2014
I am new to this product line, and love it for the simplicity of what's in it. Chemicals, fragrances (chemicals that smell nice) and emulsifiers make me nuts, and this cream has ingredients I can read/understand/and feel good about smothering all over my face. I have dehydrated skin, and am in my 40s, and this cream soaks in and nourishes all day long. I pair it with the Rosy Cheeks Oil and I'm in heaven.

Absolutely love it!

Posted by Siobhan Poole on 8th Jan 2014
I love this face cream. I put it on in the morning and hours later my skin still feels soft. I feel good about putting it on my face, knowing there's no harsh chemical leaching into my skin. I highly recommend this face cream.


Posted by Aniesa on 31st Dec 2013
I have been using this cream for two years and I love it. I have dry, sensitive, rosacea-prone skin and this works beautifully. I like to add a few drops of the organic argan oil in the winter, and sometimes I top with a waxy calendula cream for windy days just for excellent protection. Being entirely nontoxic, this is a truly amazing product and I have been nothing but happy with it.


Posted by Maribelledj on 12th Dec 2013
Like most of you, i bought and tried MANY expensive skin creams, but they never gave me decent results for my money's worth! To top it off, i didn't know that these beauty companies used MANY dangerous chemicals and how animals are brutally tested on to see their effects... until i watched certain reports on animal cruelty! I honeslty couldn't believe how these defenceless animals where brutaly tested on for our «beauty» regiment... so I changed my ways and tried many «natural» cruelty-free products! My seacrh have finally ended with Cocoon Apothecary and this AMAZING face cream (and others too)! I am telling you, even the most expensive and advertised skin cream i tried a while back didn't do what this cream does! We all know that there is no miracle cream out there that will rewind your «skin time» (my dermatologist's exact words)... but after 1 week of using Rosey cheeks, i noticed how my skin felt soothed, totally even and soft! For me, it did minimise my wrinkles a bit, but it mostly gave my skin a breather from those harsh chemicals used on my skin for far too long! ANd the cherry on top, its a Canadian company! So i am proud to encoruage OUR excellent «homemade» products! Thank You Cocoon Apothecary! I will continue to be a loyal customer for the rest of my life, along with my mother and friends!

Best facial moisturizer ever!

Posted by Jenn C. on 1st Oct 2013
I am so happy with this product. It makes my skin soft and really seems to be helping with the bit of aging signs I see in my skin.

Best Facial Cream!

I was using another organic line previously, however when I found out I was pregnant my skin changed and that line no longer worked on my skin and actually made it worse. I tried this product along with the cleansers and my skin is now dewy and glowing!! Amazing product


Posted by Rosie on 9th Aug 2013
J'adore cette crème pour le visage. À l'application, elle est très légère (ce qui est toujours agréable), mais en plus, elle hydrate vraiment complètement la peau.

My absolutely favourite natural face cream!

Posted by Verena on 30th Jul 2013
Having grown up in Europe and lived there for over 20 years before moving to Canada, and always having favoured natural skin care, I have used some of the best known natural products (Weleda, Dr. Hauschka...) for many years. But I believe in buying locally, wherever it is I live - so I have tried various Canadian and American products. I am so happy to say that I have finally found my match! Rosey Cheeks is by far my most favourite face cream EVER! So much so, that I can't guarantee I won't be importing it to wherever my life will take me in the future. That's how beautiful this product is! Thank you so much for making it. Please don't ever change a thing!


Posted by Ania on 19th Jul 2013
Having studied in aromathery, I was very curious about this cream..and the minute I tried it, I ABSOLUTLY LOVED IT !!! Forget all those chemical-pharmacy-big store creams and encourage NATURE at it's best.

Love it!

Love this face cream. Non-greasy, lovely, light scent, and absorbs fantastically. I'm a believer :)

Great for my Rosacea

Posted by Adee on 29th Dec 2012
I bought this face cream at my local Plovers, I was really unsure about purchasing, as I have mild Rosacea and some products will really make it flare up. The owner of Plovers raved about it, so I tried it and I am very happy that I did. No flare ups and my face is lovely smooth and soft. I also tried the cleanser and eye cream. Which I love as well! Now I am visiting the website to see what else I might like to try. Highly recommend! :)

Love This!

Posted by Barbara on 6th Sep 2012
Rosey Cheeks works well for me. It's perfect to use at night after washing my face, and at the start of a new day, to put on before foundation. Not a fan of facial creams with strong fragrance, I love that the rose scent is extremely light. Idea: how about developing a spray toner to go with it!?...

Perfect for my dry skin!

Posted by Ashley on 17th Jul 2012
I love this face cream! It's so silky and luxurious and really hydrates my skin. I have uber sensitive/dry skin, and this face cream calms and moisturizes without any kind of irritation and such (which I usually experience with crappy drugstore-type moisturizers). I've found that since I've been using Rosey Cheeks for the past 4 months or so, my skin does not get red/inflamed in certain areas like it used to, nor does it seem as sensitive overall. The natural ingredients are amazing and totally effective. I love the natural scent and how your face feels moisturized but not heavy afterwards. I love to mix Rosey Cheeks with one of the facial serums, which also makes the cream last longer!

Best face cream I've ever tried!

Posted by G. Walther on 11th Jun 2012
Thank you Jessica! Your products are simply wonderful! I've spent a lot of money over the years trying drug store, department store and health food store skin care products and they all irritated my skin. The Rosey Cheeks face cream is gentle and hydrating - I've been using it for 1 year and I notice major improvements in my skin tone and texture. I get a lot of compliments on my skin now. Thank goodness I found your line of products!

Super results!!!

Posted by Chantal Heide on 15th Feb 2012
I use two squirts for my face only, four if I'm including my neck. With clean hands I apply to my dry face and rub until it's all rubbed in, then remove with a facecloth. My skin is super clear, tight, and I'm sooooo happy!!!
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