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"I just wanted to let you know that I've been using your products for 2 years now and I will never ever switch to anything else. Prior to discovering your line I was struggling with my skin. I worked as a cosmetician at shoppers drug mart and couldn't find anything to calm my rosacea. I was around 19-20 at the time and so embarrassed by my skin & my inability to find anything that "worked." I literally tried everything but nothing worked. Little bumps, tight, dry flaky skin, discoloration, breakouts, burning sensations were all 'normal'.
I finally found your line in 2012 and instantly was in love. I was post partum at the time so also experiencing hormonal skin changes, but it was still so much better compared to my life before Cocoon Apothecary. Fast forward 2 years and another pregnancy/post partum and I am SO happy with my skin. Part of my journey has also been realizing what real skin looks like vs what we're told skin looks like but part of it has also been the difference Cocoon products have made on my skin. Six years ago (even 3 years ago!) I would never have left the house without foundation on. Now, I'm totally comfortable in my skin and don't feel like I NEED to put foundation on. When I do, it's a light coverage from a brand you recommended (Sappho). I can't say enough great things about your line. I recommend you to everyone! Thank you so much for following your passion and creating change in the skincare market!" - Frances

"I've been using Cocoon Apothecary products for years now. Recently, I ran out of Rosey Cheeks and picked up a typical run of the mill face cream. I hated the smell compared to my Rosey Cheeks but it would have to do. I don't even know why I entertained the thought of using something other than Rosey Cheeks but I had always had that skeptical part of my brain saying, 'Does this all natural organic stuff REALLY work better?'
The answer is a big fat 'YES'.
I met up with Jessica a week ago.
I decided I would really watch what, if anything, would happen, when I switched back to Rosey Cheeks after about a month's hiatus.
Within a day, redness disappeared. Within 3 days, my skin was back to being an even skin tone and looked healthier, glowing more.
Day 4, I had an interview with an Esthetician. They guessed my age to be 10 years younger than what I am.
Day 5, I didn't wear foundation make-up, usually an integral part of my routine. My pores looked smaller and all blemishes were gone. Small lines were fading.
Day 7, I got asked for ID.
So, again, nature sets me straight and Cocoon Apothecary has saved my face. I don't buy the hype of commercial brands. I saw the transformation with my own eyes. I owe it to my skin to never run out of Rosey Cheeks again. Ever." - Amber Long, Musician

"Jessica, I just wanted to say that after months of trying to get my teenage daughter to stop using her commercial chemical laden products on her acne prone skin, and try my Petal Purity cleanser, she finally has for the past three weeks, and yeah, it turns out mom really does know what she is talking about!! Her skin is clearing, breakouts have lessened and her face is looking fresh again! Thank you for such great products. (I will now have to order the larger size!)". - Chris

"I just wanted to pass along my testimonial as I rarely find a product I want to rave about.  I've been a Proactive user for years, as I tried so many products that never worked.  And while I was happy with the results I was getting with Proactive, I also knew it was terrible for my skin in the long run, and basically bleaching out my face, which I think made my spots ever more noticeable.  On the advice of a co-worker I tried your Lavender Petal Purity face (cleanser) was and instantly fell in love!!!  My skin instantly felt hydrated and healthy instead of dried out and tight.  My face has remained clear, even now 6 weeks later, and I'm a true believer that natural is the way to go.....I just wish that I found out about these products sooner!!!!  Thank you so much :)" - Jessica

"I love your products. I have been asked if I am having"work done" since I started using them (age 59)" - Gillian

"I have been using the Petal Purity face wash for the past month, and it is absolutely amazing. I have been spending endless amounts of money at Sephora testing products every month with no avail." - Winona

"I wanted to let you know that I've been using the products I ordered religiously since I received them, I think 3 weeks. And I am in love. My skin has never responded this well to any other type of skin care I have used." - Frances 

"I use the Rosey Cheeks Facial Cream at shows and the make up teams really enjoy it." - Lindsey 

" skin has never looked better. I am so happy with the products and I wish I would have found them a lot earlier! I actually feel that I almost don't need to wear my foundation anymore! On the days that I don't wear it, my skin is no longer blotchy and uneven....AMAZING!! I thank you for all of your hard work in coming up with these fantastic products...they are not only good for me but they work better than anything I have ever tried before....!!!" - Stephanie

"I just want to say that I ordered the Petal Purity Cleanser, Rose Hip Oil and Rosey Cheeks Facial Cream and I couldn't be happier. My order arrived promptly and I really love the products. The cream is heavenly. The cleanser really cleans my skin. Thank you" - Susan

"I wish your company continued success, because I can not live without your skin care products! Hopefully, your company is well positioned to last well into the next century. Yes, your products are THAT good." - Trenton

"I love the argan oil. I use it for both my face and hair. I've just used it for about a month and I see major improvement. My skin's softer and I have less breakouts. The service is also great, best customer service quality and efficiency I've ever had!" - Tiffany

"I have tried TONS of different facial products (first conventional before switching to organic/natural) and, although some of the natural lines were pretty nice, none of them compare to Cocoon Apothecary. I am seriously blown away by how nice my skin has been with your products. I break out far less, too. Amazing. Love it!!" - Angela

"I've been using your Rose Dew toner and Rosy Cheeks moisturizer on my dry, sensitive skin and I must say that I've never been so impressed with a skin care product!  My skin is clear and glowing....this stuff feels amazing!" - Gayle

"I've struggled with acne for 20 years!! Upon using the facial cleanser, toner and rosey cheeks lotion, my skin has never looked better. I love that I'm not using harsh chemicals and I think that's why my sensitive skin is looking so great now. Keep up the good work and try to get some dealers in Chicago, IL USA!!!"
- Sara ☮

"The order arrived and I am really enjoying the products. First that have actually helped my poor rosacea! The (argan) oil is like liquid gold - -it heals anything - and the other products are equally amazing! I live in fear you will stop making them! (and so soon after my first exposure to them!)" - Marjorie

"...your products are AMAZING. I just love them. After endlessly searching for products that are perfect for my skin - I can finally stop. Yours actually work, and my favourite thing - they're vegan. I'm sold.
Keep up the great work!" - Kristie

"just got my order!!!!! I tried the toner spray! NICE. It refreshed my makeup! I can see that being wonderful in summer as well! The magic bean body lotion is the best smelling lotion ever!!! I will try the other face care products tonight! Will let you know! Thank you!!!" - Bea

"The rosey cheeks is the best natural/organic skincare product that I have tried so far..the mixture is the right one for my ultra sensitve skin. I loved it so much I just purchased my second order and the exfoliating cleanser!!! God forbid I run out of my rosey cheeks :) Thank you so much for your products and my beautiful skin !!!!!!!!!!!!!" - Bea

"I love the skin care set. Even in a very dry Saskatchewan winter, the cream is great – I've never had my skin feel this good this time of year. My 4 year old loves that my cheeks smell like roses! I am looking forward to trying some other products soon." - Paula

"I've been using the Eyewaken cream for a few weeks now and it is lovely. It is so gentle, smooth, and yummy-smelling. The skin around my eyes just drinks it up and feels much less dry and smoother now.Thanks so much for yet another stellar product!" - Krista

"I just wanted to let you know that your eye cream is amazing and my milia is 90% gone. Thank you so much." - Amanda

"For almost six months I have suffered with terrible eczema on my hands. I tried everything recommended to me with varying results but nothing made it go away. Just three days ago Jessica suggested I use Argan Oil on it. I noticed a difference immediately and now three days later there are only the last traces of it healing."- Elizabeth

"It's been a little over a week I have been using the Cocoon facial products, and the results are amazing. I am truly impressed by it, I have a very oily and acne prone type of skin, so I have been switching products for a long time to find a good fit. I have finally found them, by far the best products I have used on my face. It didn't make me breakout and this is the first time my skin feels clean, silky and so smooth. I also found that by the end of the day my skin felt less oily. So this is the little routine I do: I use them, cleanser, toner and cream, two times a day (morning and night). I also use the cleanser exfoliant once a day at night right after the normal cleanser. And when the weather has been to hot, I use the toner to refresh my face. I am very pleased and happy that I found such products." - Claudia

"Wow!!! Finally I found a company that makes such quality products that really works & smells fantastic!!! Can I tell you just how satisfied I am using the Rosey Cheeks face cream, Petal Purity cleanser and Magic Bean body lotion!!! These are amazing, they made my skin feel like silk (besides smelling great). I love the fact the products are packaged in glass bottles, I even brought the Magic Bean body lotion in my purse (it's a big bottle) when I went to Florida with my sister & family. It was funny because I was sitting in the backseat and I pulled it out of my purse and put some on my arms & legs during the long road trip & everyone in that car started complimenting about a wonderful sweet scent of chocolate and coffee they were smelling. When I told them about the cream they all wanted to try it and they kept smelling their hands...just letting you know you will be receiving a large order for this wonderful lotion around Christmas time..they all want Magic Bean for Christmas now! Thanks for making a product that's great for your skin & that is healthy!!!" - Susana

"I have used the exfoliating cleanser for the last two days and my face feels wonderful - the cleanser is so gentle (and smells yummy) and my skin feels so smooth now. The body lotions are amazing too. Is there a better scent than lemongrass??!! Kahuna is so refreshing. As always, I am thrilled with my purchases!" - Krista

"The products are exceptional. I've gone through product after product, looking for something for my sensitive skin. I never found an appropriate skin product, and felt guilty using things I suspected tested on animals. I found this amazing set of exfoliant, cleanser, toner and cream that does wonders for both my face and conscience. Truly the best product out there that I've tried (and I've tried a multitude of average to very high end products). I LOVE COCOON APOTHECARY!" - Deb

"Tried the exfoliant last night. LOVED it. Love the soft jojoba beads. My face felt really clean and smooth afterwards." - Aurelie

"My skin is silky-smooth thanks to your gorgeous exfoliating petal purity!!! - Dawn

"I use my Petal Purity Exfoliating Cleanser every other day it's soooo gentle but does a FAB job at getting rid of that flaky dead skin from the winter =D" - Robyn

"Okay, so I tried your Magic Bean yesterday. Wow, I want to eat it. It's amazing. I love that it soaks in so well and doesn't leave a greasy feeling at all. It smells incredible." - Michelle

"I can't believe just how much I love the products! I have replaced all my expensive department store products with Cocoon's products. Even my husband uses the Rosey Cheeks cream! I can't imagine how thirsty my skin was before I became an avid user! Thank you! Keep the products coming!" - Jennifer

"Cocoon Apothecary's 'Touchy Feely body lotion with rosemary and lavender smells so divine, like I'm in the French countryside, and it makes my skin feel so soft, I forget it's winter! it's subtle, earthy and lovely, I highly recommend it!"- Sheila

"Cocoon products are always worth working into my budget! After several months of using Rosey Cheeks twice daily, I was carded at a free bar at a wedding. I hadn't been carded in years! I was 26 at the time, but that's not the point. I've tried lots of face creams and as long as Jessica makes Rosey Cheeks, I'll never try another one. It's great for all seasons and just the tiniest bit covers my face and throat. I've even used it to tame flyaway hair in moments of desperation. Magic Bean and Kahuna body lotions are two of my other favourite products; I've got at least one at the ready at all times and I feel luxurious whenever I use them. And the lip balms are fabulous!" - Catherine

"I met Jessica last Spring at an Eco-centered consumer show we both participated in. Since then I have been greedily collecting her whole line of organic, great-smelling and very effective beauty products! I can't live without Magic Bean lotion, which smells so yummy I could huff it. My skin stays moisturized and supple all day. Everything about Cocoon Apothecary and its creator ROCKS!" - Melissa

"I have been using these products as part of my beauty and cleansing arsenal since 2005. They are fabulous! I always feel a slight sliver of panic when I am nearing the end of my bottle. These products not only make your skin look wonderful, but the fact that they are eco-friendly and animal friendly make them all the more special. This is a pioneering organization that more and more people will flock to. Better than any 'store bought' product I have used." - Emer

"LOVE this stuff! I bought Rosey Cheeks for my daughter, who can't stand using products that hurt animals and who also reacts to chemicals in most face products. I started using it too and now I'm hooked! Make something with patchouli in it, Jessica, and you will be my new Goddess!" - Meredith

"With other face creams, my skin's thirst was never fully quenched, but using Rosey Cheeks is like my face drinking the most refreshing glass of water! Best face cream ever!" - Kathryn

"Last night I used Cocoon's Chai Body Scrub in the shower, It smelled amazing and today I woke up with my skin feeling smoother then the day I was born. The Chai Scrub is a must for those of you who want smooth and beautiful skin!" - Rebekah

"The rose facial toner is a perfect way to freshen up during a stuffy office day. So nice and sweet in a subtle way. I love it." - Erin

"I received your facial cleanser, toner and cream as Christmas gift this year and I cannot even tell you how impressed I am with your products. They are AMAZING. Thank you." - Misty

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