About Us

We are the formulators, makers and sellers of  artfully-crafted green skin care. Our plant-based line is vegan, biodegradable and contains certified organic and ethically-sourced ingredients. Since 2004, we have created products that are ideal for sensitive and aging skin. They are cooling, soothing, and rejuvenating and will nourish the skin to perfection. 


Naturally Anti-Aging

Our products are naturally anti-aging because they contain plant ingredients that are full of nourishing properties that your skin responds to. There is a notion out there that the magic ingredient to anti-aging couldn’t possibly be in the natural realm, it seems too simple. This view couldn’t be further from the truth! Mineral oil and silicones, preferred by many conventional companies, may moisturize but they are petroleum-based and offer no therapeutic value to the skin beyond that. Natural plant oils contain vitamins, antioxidants, plant sterols, essential fatty acids, among others. The same ingredients that nourish your body, nourish your skin. This leads to the prevention and reversal of free radical damage, the healing and regeneration of damaged skin, and the soothing of inflammation and redness. You will see a HUGE difference in the short term AND for the long haul.2016-07-260173.jpg

Meticulous About Our Ingredients

We’ve been purchasing ingredients since 2004 and have found the best suppliers in the world for fresh, pure, luxurious botanicals. This quality comes through in the product with higher levels of skin-loving antioxidants such as carotenoids and polyphenols. We diligently source certified organic oils, butters and essential oils to ensure that they are pure (free from pesticides and adulterants), high in antioxidants, and sustainably grown. We only work with non-GMO plants. 


Formulating is Our Craft

This is our calling, our passion, our dharma, our raison d'être. We express all our creativity through the products we concoct. Our personal connection to plants makes it easy to be inspired with ideas on how to use them on the skin. We spend our spare time researching their properties and benefits and we have a knack for making the creamiest creams and sudsiest soap. We are obsessed with putting aromas together to create bliss-inducing scents. You can feel the passion come through with every artisan product that we sell.


Small Batch = Perfection

We make everything in small batches that average about 250 bottles at a time. This ensures that we meet our high standards for quality in everything we do. Our products are always fresh and get shipped out shortly after making them. We do not use distributors so you can be assured that it came straight from our facility to your door or local store shelf. If you want to know when your product was made, look at the lot code on the bottom of the bottle xYRMOxxxDAY.