Hydration Kit for Normal, Dry or Combination Skin

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Rosehip Oil Facial Serum Our organic rosehip oil is cold-pressed from the seeds of rose fruit known as ‘hips’. The hips are collected from a rose bush called rose mosqueta, located in Chile. The seeds contain approximately 10% oil rich in essential fatty acids, including up to 40% omega 3 (alpha-linolenic acid, ALA). These fatty acids are ideal for moisturizing the skin and help to carry nutrients deep into the layers of the dermis. The most extraordinary component of rosehip oil is tretinoin (the animal/synthetic version is known as retinol or retinyl palmitate), an anti-aging, regenerative bioactive that is known to combat acne and fine wrinkles. This is an ideal method of delivering tretinoin because it doesn’t have the side effects of the synthetic versions. It also contains skin-healthy amounts of antioxidants in the form of carotenoids and polyphenols and other nourishing vitamins and minerals. This oil is cold-pressed, also known as ‘virgin’, which means that the oil was extracted by squeezing it out of the fruit rather than extracting it by using solvents. It has higher levels of carotenoids (with a red colour to the oil rather than the regular golden hue) and 700% more tretinoin (vitamin A acid) than the conventional solvent-extracted version.

INGREDIENTS: Certified organic rosehip oil.

Rosey Cheeks Facial Cream A 100% plant-based facial cream that harnesses the therapeutic power of nature to soften, nourish, and rejuvenate skin. Made with organic oils carefully chosen for their extraordinary ability to keep skin smooth, firm and glowy. Organic rosehip oil, pressed from the seeds of the rose bush, is known for its ability to regenerate skin, minimizing fine lines, scars, and reversing sun damage. Avocado penetrates deep into the layers of the skin to smooth and soften its appearance. Organic camellia oil, extracted from the tea plant, contains antioxidant polyphenols to fight free radical damage and inflammation. Organic shea butter softens and protects skin, locking in moisture to keep skin plumped up and hydrated. The pure essential oil of rose, extracted from the petals of the flower, creates a beautiful scent that delivers skin-firming antioxidants. Vegan, non-toxic and biodegradable in an eco-friendly glass bottle.

INSTRUCTIONS: Use Rosey Cheeks on its own as a day or night moisturizer. 

INGREDIENTS: Purified water, rosehip oil*, certified organic avocado oil, camellia (green tea) oil*, shea butter*, cetearyl alcohol (wax from coconut), stearic acid (plant-based), vegetable glycerin, sodium anisate (derived from basil), sodium levulinate (derived from non-gmo corn), rose absolute, sodium cetearyl sulfate (from coconut), tocopherol, glyceryl caprylate. *certified organic

no parabens
no formaldehyde-releasers
no sodium lauryl or laureth sulfate
no artificial aromas, fragrances or dyes
no phthalates
no quaternium
no BHA or BHT
no propylene glycol
no petrolatum

Customer Reviews (6)

Sooo nourishing

Posted by HM on 10th Apr 2016
These products are moisturizing and nourishing and I would definitely recommend these.

Skin saver in Winter

Posted by Sandie on 6th Feb 2015
I am in my 30s with combination skin that's prone to outbreaks. However, my skin is really tight and dry during winter months. The rosehip oil serum helped a lot in controlling my acne, while the rosy cheeks moisturiser does wonder at night in keeping my skin hydrated. For daytime, I use only the rosehip oil serum, followed by my routine makeup. My skin now feels calm and hydrated thanks to this kit! I am now curious about the other hydration kit (argan) and will definitely want to try that during summer.

Great Product

I keep buying more products from Cocoon Apothecary because I like that it is local and natural. I use the cream every day with a little of the argan oil that I also purchased from here prior to my make up application. I also use the rosehip oil before bed on my face. I think the fact that I keep buying more is an indicator I love the product and would recommend to anyone.

Helps with dry skin

Posted by Kelly Edmonds on 11th Apr 2014
I live in the Prairies in Canada where it is extremely dry. My skin is dry as well compounding the problem. Little works for me. I believe adding the serum to the cream is alleviating this problem for me.

peaches and cream complexion

Posted by Gillian on 29th Mar 2014
I love the whole "rosey" line. I used to have tiny bumps on my face-not blackheads or actually even having a head- had them checked- Dr. didn't know, spa that I go to didn't know, so I switched to totally Cocoon products and they cleared up along with some under eye issues- all gone! Now my complexion is clear and my hubby called it "peaches and cream"! I am 60 years old-love the compliment!

Wonderful pair

Posted by Amy on 14th Jun 2013
I loved the Rosey Cheeks cream first and then tried the Rose Hip serum and my skin just loved it. I have always had dry problematic skin but this line has done the trick, so pleased with the natural ingredients.
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