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What’s Your Skin Type?
Knowing your skin type will guide you towards your ideal skin care routine for a healthy glow and confidence boost. Here are the most common traits of dry, normal, combination and sensitive skin. Dry Skin Attributes: Rough or papery texture Feels tight and looks thin Small pores Absorbs moisture quickly Minimal oil production* Dry or alipidic […]

What is SPF? (and why a higher number isn’t necessarily better)
SPF is a number that’s put on sun protection to tell you how much longer you can stay in the sun than if you weren’t wearing any protection at all. So if you can stay in the sun for 10 minutes without burning, then with a Sun Protection Factor of 15 you will be able […]

An Important Tip For Purchasing Sunscreen
We’ve just gotten into the months that we’re starting to spend a lot of time in the sun so it’s really important that we’re protecting our skin from damage; from skin cancer, from premature aging, from everything that overexposure to sun rays will do to it. There are 2 types of sunscreens you can choose […]

Celebrating One Year at Our New Location
June 1, 2015 marks exactly one year of being in our new space at 72 St. Leger St. Kitchener, Ontario. It took until December to be fully up and running. It was a huge project – PHEW. Very happy and grateful every day I come into work! Check out our before and afters. This is where […]

Performance of Natural vs. Synthetic Skin Care Products
In my experience, the best mature skin that I see belongs to women that have been using natural products for an extended amount of time. Their wrinkles are minimal and skin is taut and firm thanks to all the topical nutrients they’ve been getting. The second best skin surprisingly belongs to people that claim to […]

Skin Care, Cosmetics and the Bacteria That Can Invade Your Skin
If a red, raised area suddenly appears on your face for no reason and doesn’t go away no matter how much balm or coconut oil you put on it, you might be dealing with unwanted bacteria from a skin care product, cosmetic or makeup brush. Staphylococcus, candida and e.coli are just some of the microbes […]

The Costs of the Most Common Organic and Non-Organic Fixed Oils Used in the Beauty Industry.
Here is a chart showing the costs of the most common fixed oils (as in fatty, not volatile essential oils). I think this is great information to have when you are purchasing products. It’s important to know the value of what you are buying when you read the ingredients.

Ban The Beads
What a way to start Earth Month. In exciting, hopeful news…Canada is coming very close to banning plastic microbeads from personal care products. These beads found in facial washes, scrubs and toothpastes have been located in samples from all of our Great Lakes because they are washed down our drains and make their way into […]

Ingredient Profile – Argan Oil
Argania spinosa Certified Organic Extraction: Cold pressed Description: The argan tree grows to 8-10 metres high and lives to 150–200 years old in the semi-desert region of Morrocco, where it is endemic. It bears a fruit with a hard nut that is rich in oil. The thick skin is removed along with a fleshy pulp and the nuts […]

Inflammation = Premature Aging in Skin
One of the main causes of aging skin is inflammation. It damages cells and reduces collagen production, creating wrinkles and sagging well before they are supposed to appear. There are two types of inflammation – acute inflammation, which is the body’s healthy response to injuries and infection and chronic inflammation, which is when the body […]

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