Argan Oil Moisturizing Serum

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A moisturizing serum that is composed of pure certified organic argan oil. This dry oil has been nicknamed 'liquid gold' due to its amazing abilities to revitalize and rejuvenate skin and hair. It is one of the best anti-aging ingredients in the world. Skin transforms after only a couple weeks of use, and hair becomes shiny and manageable. The oil has very high levels of linoleic acid (omega 6), and oleic acid (omega 9), as well as vitamin E, polyphenols, carotenes, squalene, ferulic acid, and phytosterols.  

FOR All skin types 



  • Rejuvenating and anti-aging.
  • Fast-absorbing and nourishing to skin.
  • Softens cuticles.
  • Great for protecting and soothing skin.


Certified organic argan oil


Apply 1 - 3 drops to finger and spread evenly on face and neck. Can be used as a day oil or night treatment or added to moisturizer.


60 ml = 2 fl oz



Customer Reviews (6)

amazing product

Posted by tea on 1st May 2016
I absolutely adore this product and I've been purchasing it for well over a year now. I have combination skin with quite a bit of acne and a year or so ago I decided to try a more natural approach to skin care. I started using this argan oil and blending it with the Orange Blossom moisturizer and the results have been fantastic. Skin looks and feels great. I'll be a lifetime purchaser of this product.

ultimate skin nourishment

I use this every night. I have combination skin, especially dry in the winter, and this is a wonderful way to replenish my skin after being exposed to the elements every day.

Hydrating and luxurious

Posted by Christine on 20th Jan 2015
Cocoon has done it again - offered a very high quality product without the insanely high price tag. This stuff really is liquid gold. I love using it as a cuticle moisturiser as well as on the ends of my hair when it needs a drink. I also love pressing a little into my face, neck and decollete for some super hydration before bed. Great to pack when travelling as it's so multi purpose.

Incredible product!

Posted by Elaine on 12th Sep 2013
This is a beautiful product. Applied to skin before bed and I wake up to beautiful, glowing, soft skin in the morning.

Oh boy! What's not to love.

Posted by Shelley on 5th Jul 2012
I love this stuff! I put a few drops on my crazy wavy hair when it's wet to help detangle & dr-frizz (and yes, just a *few* drops), I add it to my Touchy Feely body lotion for some extra moisture & softness, and I use it straight up on my face & hands (and magically, my weird little pesky eczema patch on my pinky finger is a goner).

Fabulous for thick, wavy hair AND in the battle against eczema!

Posted by Catherine M on 2nd Mar 2012
I've been using Cocoon's argan oil for a year now and I'm extremely pleased with the results. It tames my flyaway hair without weighing it down, both when it's wet and after it's dried. And it's been a great help with the patches of eczema that crop up on my face in the winter. Just understand that when they say "a few drops" they really mean it! Which also means the bottle lasts a long time.
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